Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's like I always say....

When life gives you a birthday.... make the biggest, most insane cake ever.

Yes, it's true, yesterday was my birthday and I did turn twenty years old. I am no longer a teenager! Weird. I feel like since I am entering a new decade, it is time for reflection... What am I going to do different in my next twenty years? I should probably eat less sweets than I do right now and definitely work out more. Maybe I'll go to bed earlier and quit procrastinating so much. Hmmm... maybe!

Let's quit reflecting and start talking about cake! When trying to decide what kind of cake or baked good that I wanted for my birthday, I was experiencing major difficulties. As you may recall, I have a very difficult time making decisions. So, instead of choosing one type of baked good... I chose four! That's right, FOUR! I decided to combine my four favorite baked goods into one and call it my Extreme-Very -Dangerously-Delicious Birthday Cake.

Layer #1: The Rice Krispy Treat Layer
Layer #2: The Brownie Layer
Layer #3: The Chocolate Chip Cookie Layer
Layer #4: The Devil's Food Chocolate Cake Layer

In between each layer runs a river of incredibly sweet butterscotch ganache, and the entire cake is covered in a rich, semisweet chocolate ganache. I drizzled my leftover butterscotch ganache over top of the chocolate ganache, and called it a masterpiece. It was truly decadent!

Such. A. Dream. However, If I want to make it to 40, I better not eat this again for 20 years. I hear my metabolism is going to slow down, my hair will get even more gray(yes, I do have a few gray hairs), I'll be super busy, and will never get enough sleep. Joy.

From the words of my sister...

Welcome to the twenties!


  1. know how i feel about cake. i want some! yappy birthday helga

  2. Mmmm this looks so yummy! Happy birthday yesterday :)