Sunday, July 11, 2010

Have you met my sister?

Let me introduce you to my sister, Rachel. Rachel is my beautiful older sister and also my best friend. We have so many fun memories together! Barbies, dress up, late night chats, sleepovers, bike rides, lots and lots of giggles, Disney movies, Disney World adventures, helping each other get ready for dances, etc. etc. etc! So, you get the point... this gal is pretty great! Even now that she's married and has a baby on the way, she still makes time to do things with, and check up on, her silly little sister. For example, this weekend we went to see Eclipse with some of the girls in her husband's family! It was so much fun! I'm not obsessed with Twilight by any means, but I do enjoy it! (totally a Jacob fan by the way) Anyways, Rachel has been asking me for weeks to paint her toenails (she has a hard time reaching them these days), so before we went to the movie I gave her a little pedicure!

I love you Rach!

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